What is ACCT

ACCT is a new mind set for peri-critical care service aiming at improving the quality of care for critically ill patients during their stay in the ICU and after their discharge towards their full recovery.

By implementing programs that provide immediate critical care for patients, we are able to reduce complications and mortality, lowering length of hospital stay, and improving patient/ family satisfaction.


Consultants & Professors Started Acct


Combined Years Of Leadership

Our Vision

Providing an outstanding patient journey experience starting from intensive care admission till complete recovery at home

Our Mission

We realized upon having so many years of experience in the field of critical care and emergency medicine, that providing focused level of patient costumed service, bridges gaps between the patient and his full recovery.

So, We ACCT Team Decided To:

Provide intensive care quality of service for every patient who needs it anytime, everywhere To train medical team to extend the quality of service inside the intensive in Egypt and Africa.