Recovery Clinics

Patients discharged from intensive care units are granted a second chance for life.

Being restored back to a normal life requires preparation, coaching and a thorough follow up for a smooth and successful transition.

ACCT recovery clinics veneers this second chance providing a complete program

The process commences while the patient is in the critical care unit, establishing, after full assessment a detailed plan in collaboration with his treating physician to create a smooth transition to his normal totally independent life.

Medication management

Under supervision of clinical pharmacy team

Nutrition assessment

and follow up

Complete Rehabilitation program

Physical medicine and psychological (psychiatry)

  • Medication management
  • Nutrition assessment and follow up
  • Screening for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Rehabilitation and physical medicine consultations
  • Point of care ultrasound for cardiac and lung assessment
  • Highly skilled nursing staff
  • An electronic medical record for each case for evaluating the progress and networking the care throughout the whole bundle of services
  • Screening spirometry and six-minute walking test
  • Emergency laboratory and radiological assessment

Our Services

Prior to your discharge, ask your care team about services that can help make your recovery better and safer.

Nutrition consultation
Psychiatric consultation
Infectious disease consultation
Nursing service
Recovery after hospital discharge

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