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  • The course does not require any previous experience in statistical analysis
  • the student will need his own licensed copy of SPSS. If you don’t currently have one, you can download a trial version on the IBM website
  • If the learner decided to use Jamovi he can download the program for free from Jamovi website


During my beginnings in medical school, I had to understand the concept of statistics in order to complete my Master and MD thesis but I had to work with many books and software in order to learn how to apply the appropriate statistical tests for my research. After finishing my MD, I decided to earn master’s degree in biomedical from the University of Newcastle. Although it is interesting, I have to understand a lot of formulas to get into the logic of statistical theory. After finishing my study, I dedicated my time to teach statistics to medical students in a way that they can understand the basics without getting in details of mathematical equations. If you are starting a research work related to health sciences and you find in statistics a difficult obstacle to jump, this is your course, which I have developed in a practical way with visual illustration.

Lessons outcome

By the end of this course, the students will be able to understand

  • How to describe the data
  • Relative risk and odds ratio
  • The difference between standard error and standard deviation
  • Why the confidence interval is really important
  • How to choose the statistical test
  • How to conduct common statistical tests such as  Paired and unpaired t test Mann Whitney U tets ANOVA Chi square

All examples mentioned in the course represent research questions and study designs that are frequently used in medical literature. Moreover, the course does not require any previous experience in statistical analysis, it will take the student step by step to understand basic terminologies that are frequently used in data analysis. Visual illustrations help the student to understand the output of statistical software without getting into the detail of statistical equation

Statistical software used in this course

The focus of current training program will be to help participants learn statistical skills through exploring SPSS and JAMOVI. The focus will be to develop practical skills of analyzing data, developing an independent capacity to accurately decide what statistical tests will be appropriate with a particular kind of research objective.

The learner will have the ability to choose to run all statistical analysis using either SPSS and/or Jamovi. All statistical analysis will be demonstrated via 13 exercises using two types of statistical software.

  • SPSS
  • Jamovi

Who this course is for:

  • Any healthcare professionals looking to understand basics of statistics
  • Faculty member looking to master SPSS and advance their data analysis required for conduction of medical research
  • Faculty member looking to master Jamovi and advance their data analysis required for conduction of medical research