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Welcome to ACCT

Advanced Critical Care Consultancy Service and Training (ACCT) is an intensivist group aimed at improving the quality of care for critically ill patients in the ICU. By implementing programs that provide immediate critical care for patients, we are able to reduce complication and mortality rates, lowering length of stay, and improving patient/ family satisfaction while improving operational and financial efficiency for the hospital.

The ACCT Group is the comprehensive and consistent solution for ICU care. Our intensivists are skilled healthcare professionals with over 100 combined years of healthcare leadership experience.

All hospitals using our ICU program will get benefit from:
  • Reducing unnecessary admissions
  • Reducing length of stay
  • Reducing ventilator days
  • Improving patient and family satisfaction
  • Giving patients personalized attention and care, leading to higher patient satisfaction
  • Reducing ICU related complication rate
  • Reducing sepsis mortality
  • Driving quality through implementing comprehensive best clinical pathways

What we will offer?

Management service
  • Daily Consultancy service through highly qualified critical care physicians. All consultants are holding MD degree or equivalent with at least 5 years’ experience in critical care management.
  • Implementation of standardized intensive care practice by adopting evidence-based protocol
  • Implementation of bedside point of care ultrasound that improves patients’ management and decrease the frequency of request of chest x-ray
Intensive Care Software with clinical decision support
  • Installation of critical care management software within 6 months after signing of contracts
  • The software will be able to:
    o mange patient admission, follow up, and discharge
    o Generate reports including mortality reports, ICU length of stay, and other key performance indicators
    o suggest decisions for patient’s management through integrated decision support system.
    o Update ICU consultant, Chief medical officer, and other primary consultants with patients status and any events
  • The software will be offered free of charge for one year after installation
Reporting services
  • Monthly report to provide the Key performance indicators (KPI) that will cover
    o Incidence of Mortality
    o Standardized mortality ratio
    o Incidence of reintubation
    o Incidence of Readmission
    o ICU length of stay
Training services
  • The aim of outreach service is to assess acutely ill patients on wards and advice the patient’s team on monitoring, investigation, and management plan
iCare is the First Product to Provide Customized Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in Egypt
ACCT uses Telemedicine and Electronic Health Record to follow the patient after hospital Discharge

Special Services

Pain service

Comprehensive planning for patients experienced chronic pain during and after hospital discharge

Nutrition service

Nutritional assessment and management for patients during and after hospital discharge


Rehabilitation service

Respiratory and musculoskeletal management for patients after hospital discharge


Infectious disease service

Infectious disease management for patients admitted to hospital and intensive care


Telemedicine service for consulting service