Hemodynamic Management

Hemodynamic Management

EGP 1,500.00


Course Objectives

By the end of this course the participant will be able to understand:

Hemodynamic determinant of tissue oxygenation

    • Oxygen delivery
    • Oxygen consumption
    • Perfusion pressure

    Fluid management of shock

    • Fluid loading
    • Fluid responsiveness

    Estimation of Cardiac output

    • VTI
    • Pulse contour analysis.
    • Electric velocimetry

      Fluid de-resuscitation

      • Concept of fluid tolerance
      • Concept of fluid overload

      Diagnosis type of shock

      1. Clinical approach
      2. Ultrasound approach
      3. Using hemodynamic monitor

      Management of shock

      1. Septic shock
      2. Cardiogenic shock
      3. Obstructive shock
      4. Hemorrhagic shock



23,24 February 2024


Two Days



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